"My wife Cecilia and I were married this past fall and chose Harriss Photography as our vendor for that purpose. Kyle was diligent in nailing down the details with us before the big day. We had special requests for some night pictures and some long exposure effects and Kyle was not deterred at all. He informed us it would be somewhat new territory for him but that as long as we were patient, he could do it. So he did the research, and executed the shots perfectly. Kyle and his wife Brittany arrived promptly on the day of the wedding at the pre-determined locations. They spent time getting all the candid shots each wedding day should have and were also open to new ideas. We had fun getting ready with these guys around. They both have a great sense of humor while maintaining their professionalism. Despite some seriously cold wind, which I don't think Harriss Photography complained about one bit (and would have been the only ones not to), we got all the shots we wanted and Kyle's editing beautifully rendered each photo to have the appearance of being taken on a nice day!

These two were also great at the reception, filling downtime with candid shots of guests while still hitting all the benchmark moments. The patience that ANY photographer at a wedding must display is impressive but Kyle and Brittany went above and beyond. People were getting silly and rambunctious and they remained professional at all times. We were actually sad to see them go at the end of it all as they had become our friends and fun guests to have at our wedding. If you are thinking of booking ANY shoots with Kyle I would like to formally encourage it. My only advice is that you do it soon before he figures out how good he is and puts his prices up (because they are currently VERY fairly priced for what we received as a finished product. 

Thank you so much Kyle and Brittany, and Cecilia and I would like to wish you Happy Holidays and a pre-congratulations on your new baby girl. You guys are amazing people and it was a pleasure working with you."